2016 Game Jams

It’s All Mine

Roles: Lead Programmer, 3d Artist, Animator, Designer

  • Programmed player controls, game logic
  • Created, rigged, and animated all assets.
  • Created in-world “UI”
  • Designed color scheme and post processing effects.
  • Utilized a vertex-color-based shader for all assets in order to reduce draw calls.

It’s All Mine is an arcade 2.5d top-down shooter where you play as an OTIS (Orbital Terrain Infiltration System) and soar through space collecting precious metals. This game was created Indiegalactic Game Jam.

The player is controlled through rigidbody physics and is effected by the gravitational pull of the asteroids. The faster the player goes, the faster the music will play (this made a lot of people laugh- it was great fun).

My favorite take-away from It’s All Mine is the UI. Its completely diegetic. The player’s life is displayed through the robot’s eye which is controlled by a blendshape. The current drill strength is communicated through the drill color.

Fuel conservation is key, use gravity and collect carbon/iridium to refuel; run out of fuel and be lost in the dark void of space. Your drill takes fuel as well, if you want to take on the larger asteroids you have to collect enough iridium to upgrade your drill.


The Bee Roll

The Bee Roll is a casual, third person, 3d platformer game.  The player takes the role of a bee with the goal of rejuvenating a dead garden by transporting pollen from flower to flower.

The game was made for the 2016 Global Game Jam in one weekend.  It was designed using Google Cardboard.

Roles: Art Director/Lead, Animator, Level Designer

  • Created, rigged, and animated the bee.
  • Made most of the environment’s props.
  • Designed color scheme and post processing effects.
  • Utilized a color atlas material in order to reduce draw calls.
  • Maintained a very low poly count.  The entire map was under 20k polys.