BlendShape Work

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These are two example of BlendShapes working inside of Unity3d.

Creature Rigs


This is a SnarlSnout from the CatFish project.  This a slightly altered version of the standard fish rig I created for the non-serpent fish in CatFish.  This FK rig can move the fish’s mouth, flap his fins, and rock and undulate the body.

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These two models’, also from the CatFish project, are using a “Serpentine Rig” that I set up by having a splineIK’s curve be manipulated by a sine wave’s offset over time.


I was contracted to make a turkey rig for a lowpoly turkey model (model provided, although I did make some minor tweaks for deformation). He’s mostly FK controlled but does have IK controls on his legs and head.


This bombfish rig utilizes FK controls and an IKSpline.


This little guy uses IK on his legs, FK on his torso, and one set of FK wing controllers that automatically mirror the opposite wing’s angle.

Bipedal Rigging

This is one of the older rigs for the main character in CatFish.  It was set up utilizing humanIK, thus it’s Mecanim ready.  The animations are from a Unity GDC package. This rigging can also be seen in the Scrap protagonist.


Keyframed animation utilizing the Unreal Art Rig.

Miscellaneous Rigging

I rigged a pizza, imported it into unity, and set up hinge joint physics for each joint to have dynamic pizza physics.


A weird little grenade rig