Game Ready Art

In all of my models I always strive for the lowest possible poly count and good topology for effective deformations; here are a few examples.

Sneaky Spidey!

A rogue character that I made for a friend’s birthday.

Stan and Turt

Two real quick ZBrush sketches of some lovable characters.

Loud Mouth


This is another ZBrush Sketch of a seemingly sentient, decapitated head who would spew fire- his friend’s call him “Jerry”.


Inspired from a 50s style jukebox and an anti-personal land mine. The original mesh was 3638 polys and I got it down to 612 through retropologizing techniques. I used Substance for the texture work and Maya for the mesh. I also utilized a color map in substance for cleanliness and a smooth workflow.

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A flamethrower that uses two, count ’em, two tanks of propane to melt your foes to ash. Created entirely in 3dCoat. 429 Polys.

Cute little chick rendered in Unity! He’s made entirely from vertex colors and utilizes texture thresholds on the shadows.

CatFish Related Art

Miscellaneous 3d Doodles (2015)