Kibble Kapers

A charming third person, fast paced version of cops and robbers where the player must survive until the bridge at the end of the level is ready to be jumped in order to win.

This was made in 3 weeks for Game Design (DIG 4713) at UCF.


The vehicle’s collision system.

Roles: Art Director, Programmer, Level Designer, 3d Artist

  • I delegated the majority of the 3d art work to another artist (Jose Marrero).
    • I textured the models and tweaked aspects of them for engine optimization.
  • I used a color atlas material to reduce draw calls.  Everything in this game is the same material.
  • I programmed the entirety of the game in Playmaker in Unity3d.
  • I designed the level in such a way that encouraged the car’s handling and jumping abilities.