Rapid Prototypes

I frequently get surges of inspiration and make small prototypes, just to test the idea or help me better understand a process.  These projects generally take anywhere from a few hours to a weekend at most.


 Doodoo the Thing (2016)

TellyTelly (2014)


The glowing orb will destroy boxes on collision.


Tools: Unity3d, Playmaker

TellyTelly was designed to help me understand Playmaker in Unity. The concept was simple, teleport boxes in order to traverse the level.  I set time to slow down while the player is teleporting boxes; this allowed complex maneuvers to be done swiftly and aid the player’s reaction time.  The catch was that you could not slow time indefinitely, so there was still a definite quickness to the game.


NecroHerder (2015)


Role: 3d Artist

Tools: Unity3d, Maya

NecroHerder was developed at GameDevKnight’s first ever game jam; The Big Scary Game Jam.  Play as a half-man half-zombie abomination who herds zombies like sheep into survivors. This is the project that really got me into rigging.  All of the models in-game are set-up to work with Mecanim.

Flash Blob (2015)


A slight shake is applied to the camera to give a sense of impact.

Tools: Unity3d, Playmaker

Flash Blob was being made for Ludum Dare 32.  This gif shows what I was able to accomplish in 30 minutes.  Unfortunately, there were some complications with the team and the game did not move on past this state.

What I accomplished: Player spawning, player controls (Xbox Controller Support), shooting, enemy AI (NavMesh Agent).


Oh, Mia! (2015)


Based on a true story.

Tools: Unity3d, Playmaker, Maya

Oh, Mia is a physics based platformer that I made in 2 hours as an impromptu birthday present.  The goal is to collect all of the snacks on the level. As  Mia eats snack she grows in size.  As she grows, the amount of force needed to move and stop her increases; this causes the platforming to become more challenging as the player progresses through the level.